Turn Your Inactive Patient List Into CASH with SMRT Reactivations

Leverage the power of AI with SMRT Automations and get patients back under your care today... with little to no effort on your part!

Let SMRT AI Reactivations Get Your Past Patients Back Under Care
In Just 5 Simple Steps:

Step 1:

Sign Up for SMRT and Create Your User Profile

Click the link on this page to get started. You'll immediately receive a simple online form to collect essential information so we can set up your custom SMRT Platform. You don't pay until you're live outside a small one-time set up fee.

Step 2:

Export Your Inactive Patient List(s) from Your EHR to Excel

Have your team export your Inactive Patients from your EHR software to Excel. We'll email over explicit instructions and the 'fields' you'll need such as First/Last name, email and mobile number.

Step 3:

Upload Your Inactive Contacts to SMRT or We'll Do It For You

Once you have your CSV file with your inactive patients, follow the simple instructions to upload them into your SMRT Platform, OR have us do if for you at no charge... just ask! The SMRT platform is HIPPA Compliant.

Step 4:

Choose Your 'Celebration'- The Reason For Your Special Offer

Your SMRT Campaign begins with a special offer message sent out announcing something awesome: 'top doctor award', '50th 5-Star Review', 'New Equipment' etc. Choose yours from one of 10 pre-written messages (or create your own) and it's GO time!

Step 5:

Keep Your Phone Close... Ding- "You Have Another SMRT New Patient!"

You SMRT Reactivation Pipeline will keep you updated on every detail of your campaign. When a past patient says 'Yes', your SMRT AI Bot will offer them dates and times from your calendar and book them onto your schedule! You and your team will immediately be notified by SMS.

The Top 3 Reasons Our Current SMRT Docs Are Averaging a HUGE 9.5% Reactivation from Their List of Qualified Inactive Patients:



Your custom built SMRT AI Bot is smart and will blow your mind! We'll train it to know all about your practice, your hours, specialties, available appointments, etc. Your SMRT Reactivation Bot will work 24/7, 365 doing what it's trained to do- get your past patients to book an appointment to come back into your office for the care they need. The conversations, engagement, and results are unbelievable!



Your SMRT Reactivation Campaigns begin with a friendly 'update' question sent via SMS (or email) to re-engage them with your office. Next, the SMRT AI Automations and Bot engage the contact into a conversation, inquires about any health challenges, answers questions, then drives them toward your 'Irresistible Offer' and automatically schedules them onto your calendar to come back in for care.



Your custom SMRT Reactivation Bot works! The average DC using SMRT Reactivations has experienced 9.5% of their qualified past patients saying 'YES' to an appointment. That should be no surprise considering recent studies have shown a good bot is more empathetic than chatting with a doctor, and patients preferred chat bots responses 79% of the time over an actual doctors response.

See What Makes the SMRT AI Reactivation Program the Best in the Profession... in Just 4 Minutes:

Let SMRT AI Reactivate Your Past Patients

(While You're On the Beach With Your Family)

AI and ChatGPT is transforming business as we know it. Sure, the idea of robots running world comes to mind, but we're not talking about sci-fi- this is about leveraging technology to help you grow more with less effort. If you want to finally break free, grow your practice, simplify your systems, and save hundreds of hours a year, this is your opportunity.

I'm Dr. David Jackson and having trained over 8,700 Chiropractors like you to build their dream practices, and more importantly, dream lives, I've seen it all.

Until now.

The power of leveraging AI and SMRT Automations is a true game-changer.

I understand that 'Game-Changer' is an overused phrase, but when you realize what YOU can do with this tech and my guidance, that's EXACTLY what will happen to your practice.

When you combine my expertise as a Chiropractor, my world-class marketing and copywriting skills, and my experience as a chiro coach/trainer with my 800+ hours of intense discovery into AI and Automations with this technology- let's just say you'll be happy... very happy.

Reactivations are as old as our profession... almost as old as the tired, worn-out, ineffective strategies most chiros utilize today.

Mailing letters that take forever, sending emails that don't get opened or having CA's waste their valuable time 'dialing for dollars' (which they hate) is outdated and ineffective at best.

There is a (much) better way... the SMRT Reactivations Program

Imagine this scenario:

  • You have a list of inactive patients. Your team simply exports the contacts with name, email and mobile number and saves it as an Excel CSV file and uploads them to SMRT.

  • Next, you choose a reason you are sending a special offer to past patients (celebrating something) from our list of 10 or create your own. Your SMRT Support Team will then add the finishing touches to your custom built Reactivation Bot, add the contacts to the campaign and you are off to the races!

  • Your custom SMRT AI Reactivation Bot will guide engaged past patients into a conversation showing empathy, professionalism and just the right touch of persuasion to get them take advantage of your 'special offer' to come back in for a Re-exam and an Adjustment for a special fee. At the first sign of interest, your Bot will lead them through a conversational process of finding a time on your calendar that works for the patient, book them into it, send you and your team SMS notifications and reminders of their appointment as it approaches.

  • It will even ask if there is 'anyone else' in their family they'd like to schedule... often times turning one new patient into two... all while you're doing whatever you're doing!

  • Depending on the size of your inactive list, 10 contacts will be added to the Reactivation sequence each weekday. As they go through the process their status will be automatically updated inside your Pipeline and as the book appointments, you will receive sms notification to call and confirm.

It's that easy! 5 simple steps to reactivate your patients the SMRT way!

We've Provided Tools & Strategies Helping Over 8,700 Chiropractors
Grow Their Practices.
Let My SMRT Reactivations Help You Grow & Simplify Yours!

"I am so grateful for you and your awesome team. I've literally started cleaning up my practice, hired my first CA, and am feeling on track for growth. Everyday I am thankful because I have better tools, and more confident, and can feel my life freeing up with every new nugget. It's such an awesome feeling. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.... I'm getting my life back"

-Dr. Tara R

In one short year, my life has changed drastically, I am a better human, father, husband, son, friend and chiropractor because of Dr. David and the community. I am truly grateful for how much he has guided my success in practice but more importantly in my LIFE!"

-Dr. Tony M

In only one year, we have been able to literally double our practice in terms of physical space, our team, patient visits, collections and profit. I am no longer the stressed out, guilt ridden mom, but I'm now the strong, confident and excited mom, wife, and chiropractor and know that I'm just beginning. I thank Dr. David from the bottom of my heart for showing me a path to experience an extraordinary life, and I'm so thankful I've had the courage to take it."

-Dr. Stephanie S

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Kind Of Support Do You Provide?

Support is at the heart of everything we do so supporting you and your practice is our top priority. We offer 24/7 email support and chat widget as well as an easy-to-navigate comprehensive tutorial library for quick answers to your questions.

4. How Do the Automations Work?

The best news is that you don't need to worry about learning all about it because we do it all for you! The comprehensive done-for-you automations we provide and that your Bot follows are custom built and proven in practice.

2. How Do I Get Started?

Sign up for the SMRT Reactivation Program and we'll get you rocking. We will create your account, get your SMS set up and build your custom SMRT Bot. As soon as you're good to go, we'll start your campaign and you're off and running!

5. Can I Cancel My Account At Any Time?

No need to worry about obligations or contracts... we are committed to earning your business through the best technology and superior service. You can cancel your SMRT Account at any time with 30 days notification by simply emailing us at [email protected].

3. How Secure Is My Customer Data?

Data privacy and security is every company's obligation. That's why we ensure compliance with all governing laws and regulations, provide extra protection against security breaches and you can rest assured your platform is fully HIPPA compliant.

6. Does SMRT Integrate with my EHR Platform?

There are several dozen EHR's in the profession and the good news is that we don't need to integrate. Think of SMRT as your 'marketing software'. With the ability to easily add/remove and update contacts and utilize the built in Appointment Calendars we got ya covered.

Ready To Grow Your Practice with SMRT Reactivations?

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